Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quiet Death

Double edged knife, cutting twice,
Razor sharp slice, painful wound rips,
Pumping heart pulses, oozing blood drips,
An impossible task, poison fills my flask,
Bitter sip burns throat, trying not to choke,
Anguish lends no resolve, angry tempers revolve,
Teetering upon edge, narrow slippery ledge…
Slip assures fatal fall, sharp words cut deep,
Darkness slowly creeps, hope fails lost to all,
No one sees as tears softly fall, simply blame,
You know that game, call out my name…
All that I am, is all I can give, cut me I bleed,
I know where sorrow grows, it’s dark indeed,
Remove the knife, no longer worth the strife,
Allow warm blood to seep, ending a tortured life…

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