Friday, January 9, 2009

Unspoken Darkness

A quiet belongs to the night,
Stillness, certain calm, tranquility.
A moment with time unknown,
Simple, it’s perfection, infinite.
Sometimes peace of soul,
Born not of light…
But beauty in the night.
Ebony folding, silent, thoughts allowed,
Emotional clouds invisible, reason lives.
In the somber dark, close your eyes to see,
Inner wonder of thee, a spirit untamed,
Stronger than expected to be…
Embrace unspoken darkness,
That allows a heart to cry…
Alone in the night,
Demons take flight…
Mending of the soul,
Takes heavy toll…
Whispers simply reflections,
Falling in the night…
Blanket of darkness quietly envelopes,
Fears, and tears, anguish and broken dreams,
Protection of solitude, unlocking strengths,
Escape to world understanding,
Hidden in the dark…
Sometimes it’s not the why,
But rather that we tried….

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